June 26, 2019
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STEAM BOMB? Has your plumber built a potential steam bomb in your house? If your water heater has a capped or reduced Temperature Pressure Relief Valve (T&PR) discharge tube, it COULD BE THE SAME THING! This tube should be the same diameter as the valve itself, which is usually 3/4" Dia. (1/4" used in the photo) , and it should be either stamped authorized for use T&PR or made of material like steel, copper, or CPVC. If this water heater overheats the pressure would not be able escape fast enough and the unit could blow up! Don"t always assume its been done right....ON THE UPSIDE THIS IS AN EASY & VERY INEXPESIVE FIX ... SO ALL IS WELL WHEN IT IS Caught IN TIME 😀Call New Day Home Inspection 903-941-4220 for the truth and piece of mind.